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She is an underestimated plant goddess & here is some beautiful  information we would love to share with you 

Medicinal Use: Tulsi stimulates the immune system, reduces mucus in the lungs and nasal passages, warms the body and induces sweating, and has the added benefit of antimicrobial properties, making it a very effective ally in times of cool, damp sickness. Its diaphoretic properties are sought especially in cases of malarial fever in the form of a root decoction. Tulsi, as many diaphoretics, is also used commonly as a response to skin disease and itch. It helps here by reducing histamine activity. It is similarly beneficial in soothing asthmatic reactions.

Perhaps its most common use, tulsi is fantastic for soothing the nervous system. Because of its high flavonoid content, it is beneficial as a healing agent to bodies that have undergone chronic stress. In animal studies, these anti-stress effects manifest as balancing cortisol levels and normalizing the size of the adrenal glands. Many also consider tulsi a premier adaptogen, helping the mind and body to better cope with stress in the broadest sense of the word: including physical, emotional, and environmental.

As a warming digestive aid, tulsi is given for indigestion from overeating. It is considered beneficial to strengthening the digestive fires, and is suited for this purpose for all body types. It is also a muscle relaxant and kills intestinal parasites and harmful microbes; further benefits for our complicated digestive systems. It even benefits ulcers by reducing stomach acid and increasing protective mucous secretions. Tulsi’s phytonutrient profile is so complex that it enhances our absorption of nutrients from food and other herbs, making it an excellent ally for both meals and medicinal preparations.

Finally, tulsi is an excellent daily tonic, increasing physical endurance and vitality without caffeine or noted stimulants. Herbalist David Winston uses tulsi in response to poor memory, ADD, and ADHD due to the plant’s ability to enhance cerebral circulation . As mentioned before, it is indicated for moving “stuck” energy. In the case of the energetic nervous system, this can be beneficial for long-term depression, PTSD, and chronic stress. Similarly, this increased circulation can benefit detoxification of toxins stored in body fat. Tulsi also benefits the cardiovascular system by enhancing circulation, slightly thinning the blood, and reducing both physical and energetic heart stress.


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